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At Baldwin Mader Law Group, we represent both respondents and claimants in all types of securities fraud cases. We have handled complex cases and achieved outstanding results. Our California securities fraud attorneys have handled more than 600 securities and investment fraud cases.

In 2014, our firm achieved one of the largest FINRA awards ($5.5 million) in the country against a broker dealer in the Midwest.

With our firm, you can benefit from:

  • Former SEC experience
  • Former broker dealer experience
  • 60+ years of combined legal experience
  • Millions of dollars recovered for our clients
  • Experience from both sides of securities fraud cases

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How Does Securities Fraud Occur?

Securities fraud often involves the following:

  • Projection of unrealistic returns
  • Ponzi schemes
  • Failure to disclose material facts
  • Failure to disclose risks
  • Churning an account
  • Misrepresentation
  • Concentration in one stock or industry
  • Unsuitable investments
  • Using proceeds for undisclosed purposes

Whether you are dealing with broker-dealers, financial institutions, promoters, sponsors, or ponzi scheme operators, Baldwin Mader Law Group may be able to help. Our founder, Patrick Baldwin, was an attorney at the SEC in Washington, D.C. and Christopher Mader worked with large financial institutions. The track record of success from our California security fraud lawyer speaks for itself.

Defense for Security Fraud Cases

Due to the severity of security fraud changes, punishment for these crimes can be equally as harsh. If convicted, you could face imprisonment, fines, or both. Fines for security fraud can be as high as $10 million, and in some instances $25 million. Prison sentences range between two to five years.

Defense strategies our firm can use to protect your rights:

  • Truth of the statement: Proving that your intentions were truthful founded
  • Lack of knowledge: The defendant was unaware of security laws or any wrongdoing
  • Lack of intent: The defendant did not intend to commit securities fraud

If you have been charged with security fraud, it is of utmost importance to secure reliable and skilled defense. Our California security fraud attorneys have represented numerous cases—defendants and prosecutors alike. We fully understand the way securities fraud cases unfold and we use our knowledge to shield our clients and preserve their best interests.

Statute of Limitations for Prosecution

There is a clear statute of limitation regarding securities fraud and other non-capital federal offenses. A trial, prosecution, or punishment for a securities fraud crime must be brought forth within five years of when the offense occurred. In certain cases, the effects of securities fraud are far-reaching, which could mean that the defendant could be charged for a residual crime long after the original offense has expired. Due to the time constraint on your claim, it is imperative to contact a California securities fraud lawyer as soon as you are able to ensure that you get the representation you need.

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