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Investment Fraud Lawyers in Arizona

Unfortunately, investment fraud has become an increasingly common occurrence in Arizona during recent years. If you believe that you have been misled by an investment advisor, financial planner, accountant, or even someone close to you, our investment fraud attorneys at the Baldwin Mader Law Group have a track record of success in investment fraud, securities fraud, and elder financial fraud cases. Our attorneys have worked with the SEC and large national financial institutions.

Serving Clients in Neighboring States

Our main offices are in California, however, that does not stop us from serving clients from out of state. Our investment fraud attorneys have more than 60 years of collaborative experience and are able to handle cases through phone, electronically, and if necessary, we are willing to travel to you to ensure your case is a winning one.

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Although located in California, we serve clients in neighboring states such as Arizona.

Common Types of Investment Fraud in Arizona Include:

Proven Track Record of Success in Arizona

Our securities fraud attorneys have over six decades of legal experience combined. One of our most successful case results was in the state of Arizona when we helped 42 mostly elderly victims of a Ponzi scheme recover nearly 87% of their losses.

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Our securities fraud attorneys obtain results at FINRA arbitration, securities arbitration, securities litigation, and other forums. We partner with you during your case and you receive counsel from our principals, not inexperienced associates. We have represented both claimants and respondents while most other law firms represent only one or the other, so we have the advantage of understanding both sides of the matter. We have successfully handled hundreds of cases and we have a thorough understanding of the law. Contact Baldwin Mader Law Group to request a phone evaluation.

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